moments {week 10}

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

1-5. Celebrating Fastelavn (carnival). Even without Fastelavn buns, we still celebrated with costumes and a "barrel" of sweets!
6-7. Making our own maths manipulatives. Alexander is learning about units and tens, so these should be very helpful.
8. The most beautiful sunset. The tall mountain in the background is in Uganda.
9-10. Friday night movie night. Our friends have a projector, so it's like going to the cinema every week.
11-12. Duplo city fun.

I'm trying to start capturing our weeks again. I've gotten out of the habit, after our laptop hard drive got fried. It's been a bit unmotivating, taking photos but not being able to look at them together or use them. Finally, last week I bought a little gadget so I can put my photos straight on the ipad. Joy! I'm looking forward to sharing more images from our new home and life here in Rwanda over the next week or so, if the internet co-operates.
(Edited: it just took three days for me to upload this. Yikes!)


  1. Fastelavn så veldig moro ut ;-) Og hvilken vakker solnedgang!!! Jeg gleder meg til å se flere bilder.. Vær velsigna!

  2. i love the idea of using beads as math manipulative. you're a natural. is homeschooling going well? are you happy with your curriculum?

  3. Oh wow, three days to upload?! I'm glad you took the time though, I love being able to have a glimpse into your life. That sunset is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Thank you so much for taking time to share with us your adventures sweet lady!!


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