kcw day one

Monday, 7 April 2014

today is the first day of kcw (kids clothes week), which i have participated in several times before. i started out the week with an easy project - a half finished one! i started these shorts last october (as pants!), but with the packing and moving and lack of sewing table, i just haven't gotten around to finishing them before now.
 these camo cargo shorts were not an easy sew...i don't know how many seams i unpicked and sewed again, but they turned out really well, and alexander was happy that there was something for him this time :) i used a pattern ("viktor") and fabric from stof2000, the last of my fabric i bought in denmark. from here on it's only what i find locally :)
of course, i forgot to track down buttons on my trip to Kigali on Saturday, so these shorts are missing a few decorative buttons, but at least they can be added easily later!
love those big pockets! these shorts are perfect for treasures,
and perfect for tree climbing, too.
we just managed to get a few pictures taken before the rain came.
the rainy season has well and truly begun here!
this week also marks the 20th anniversary of the rwandan genocide and the beginning of the annual memorial week. with such a sombre atmosphere, it seemed only fitting that the skies were grey and overcast, and eventually yielded their own tears.
happy sewing!


  1. They look great! And perfect for climbing!

    1. thanks, Sarah Louise. very good for climbing indeed!


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