Monday, 14 April 2014

the rainy season has started. who knew rain could be so much fun?
sometimes you just need to block those little sisters out to get anything done.
walking around the "neighbourhood" to get some exercise and fresh air...and to get outside the walls.
garden tea parties are the best of all, with rock cakes and the queen as a guest.
trying to get some sewing done. i'm so happy i brought my machine and iron with me!
"swimming" in the backyard...there's nothing better than having your own swimming pool (no fights that way!)
stealing a moment of quiet to ponder on the depth of donald duck comics.
learning about vikings, and drawing them in our free time. 
reading donald duck (again! it's a family thing) at bedtime.
sisters holding hands while they sleep. sometimes, as a parent, you need to see this to remember that they actually do love each other!

life here in rwanda is a bit like a roller moment you're up, the next you're hurtling towards the ground at high speed, but you always manage to pull up right before you hit the ground. there are ups and downs, good times and hard times, joy and pain. sometimes i wish we could just go home again. some days i can't remember why we're here or what we're doing. that's usually a good reminder for me to get out from behind my walls and get amongst the people. 

and see them. 

see them working from dawn to long after dusk, trying to earn enough to feed their family and send their kids to school.
see them wearing worn and threadbare, yet clean and mended, clothes, holding their heads up high.
see them walking from field to field, looking for work for the day.
see them trying their best, day after day, to get ahead.

most days it doesn't feel like we do much here. but then i remember that the transitional process can take a while. and i remember that starting something from nothing also takes a long time. especially when you don't know how things work and it takes a whole day to figure it out.

and i remind myself that this is an adventure we're on.


  1. Fiona, you are on a wonderful adventure but it must be so hard! I can understand there must be a lot of ups and downs, and it will take a lot of getting used to! Just take each day as it comes and I am sure the ups and downs will even out soon. I loved all of your photos, especially the one of your daughters holding hands. So lovely. :)

  2. Aw, that first picture is my favorite. So great! You are certainly on an adventure! :)

  3. Nice pictures and such a good honest writing. You are learning so much. Thinking of you Fiona.


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