moments {a weekly collection}

Monday, 21 April 2014

so happy to have friends to play with, even for just a few short hours.
a visit to the project land and our first building...a pig sty!
gettting beds ready and planting a variety of vegetables.
the, i mean pig sty. loving that rustic look!
easter/birthday celebration (for one of our friends) - a lamb on the spit.
it's party time! a table of delicious, homemade food, including the yoghurt for the tzatziki! looks like i'll be getting some cooking lessons soon :)
the annual easter egg hunt. this boy was afraid it would be too easy, and nearly didn't spot his egg!
here it is!
yummy easter brunch with friends and housemates, christian and anne.
looking for a rental house in the village. what a view!
village life

this is just a brief glimpse of a few moments in our lives this past week. i hope you had a lovely easter!


  1. Oh I sure do miss that red dirt! It looks like a good time. Happy Easter Fiona!

  2. Really enjoy getting a glimpse into your everyday life. Makes it easier to see where you all are! Hugs xoxo faster Marianne

  3. Wow, what gorgeous photos! So lush and green! It's so great you're taking the time to capture it all.


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