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Friday, 2 May 2014

we picked some wild "flowers" on our walk this week. an empty mayonnaise jar made a great impromptu vase, but we had to take them back outside when isabel's face got all red and blotchy.
christian went to umuganda - the monthly community work day. they made mud bricks for housing for refugees returning from tanzania.
learning life skills - washing the dishes. surprisingly, the kids love this chore, especially "queen elsa".
we found this giant beetle. it was the size of lucy's hand, but she was too scared to get close to it (me too, i might add!)
this little guy visited us all week, staring at his own reflection in our mirrored windows. the kids named him "Mister Pjuskede" or Mr Fluffy.
building a new home for the "bunnies" was a team effort.
new sandals!
getting started on lucy's birthday present, a house for her sylvanian bunny family.
playing with hama beads.
we finished painting the dog house. having a toddler helper resulted in a necessary haircut (fyi, toddlers and oil based paint don't mix) for lucy. isabel wanted her hair the same, so they now have these cute little fringes.

we're off to kigali for the weekend. we look forward to going to the cinema, drinking coffee, and buying groceries we can't get hold of here. have a great weekend!


  1. Fiona! your photos are beautiful and beautifully capture your family and your life right now. Thanks for this glimpse into your world. :)


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