weekending in kigali

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

the drive to kigali takes about 3 hours through breathtaking country. lush, gently rolling hills are dotted with cattle. the traffic is light, but there are a lot of people. always people. on bikes or walking, carrying their load in their arms and on their heads. even though the drive gets a bit tiresome with three grumpy kids in the back (they are terrible at road trips, but great at flying. go figure!), it's worth doing it once a month.

this weekend we got to enjoy all the things that we don't have where we live. a trip to the bagel shop for bagels and doughnuts, a jumping castle that we visited about 6 times over the weekend, a trip to the cinema to see rio 2, afternoon coffee from a cafe, a supermarket stocked with cheese, salami and sweets, blending in (sort of), and some different eating out options.

we also had plenty of what we're used to. car troubles, delays, people staring and wanting to touch the kids, too many people following us, and falling into bed exhausted after a full day of impressions. it was a full weekend, but a good one.


  1. Your photos are beautiful! As one expat to another, I know what you mean about enjoying a place where you can eat "normal" food, buy groceries, and watch movies. Basically, heaven. :) We're in Cambodia about 4 hours from Bangkok - I think our trip to the city is much easier than yours :)

    1. I really enjoyed finding your blog! It's great to connect with people who can relate :)


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