a marina romper for lucy

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

a few months ago, i discovered a gorgeous new pattern, the marina romper by califaye collection. i loved the look of it, so i bought it and set to work making one for lucy. it's a very simple pattern to put together, and i sewed it up in no time, even with the added time of enclosing all the seams.
i gave it to lucy for her birthday, and she seemed really happy and excited with her new romper/jumpsuit...that is, until i asked her to put it on. not a chance. i tried a couple of times to get her to wear it, but i didn't want to push her too hard. eventually, i got her to wear it, because we were in denmark, the weather was cold, and she doesn't have many pairs of pants.
it looks so cute on her! i only managed to get a few quick snaps with my phone camera before she ran off to play, and i didn't worry about it, thinking i could get a few more later. the second time she wore them, the fabric in the crotch split. yikes! turns out that i also learnt something about sewing with african wax prints. the grain line runs differently than what i am used to, due to the fabric being used differently (mostly they grab a 2 yard piece of fabric and wrap it around their waists...instant skirt!). at least i know that for next time :)

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