market day

Friday, 15 August 2014

around here, thursday is market day. people come from all the small villages into nyagatare to sell and buy all kinds of goods. it's our main shopping day, and we are quickly learning which stalls have the freshest produce and the largest range. 
rice, flour, beans, sugar, and nuts are scooped into small paper bags and weighed.
it's always a bit of an adventure going to market, to see what produce is available. we usually make our weekly meal plan after we've been to market, instead of the other way around (although we have a general idea of what to keep an eye out for).

there are also many new and interesting foods to try. this is not a stick, it's cassava root, which is ground into a type of flour and made into a sticky dough. it doesn't taste of much, but is eaten as a side dish with rice and sauce.
it's not just food you can buy at market on thursdays. you can also buy all kinds of shoes, clothes, household items, and fabrics.
grocery shopping is quite different than what we are used to at home. after we've been to market for all our fresh produce, we head into town to visit the small "supermarkets", where we can get hold of all our other food items, such as spaghetti, cereal, cheese, and spreads such as jam. 

most people don't have a car like we do, but all the motorbike taxis (motos) are waiting at the entrance, so it's just to find one, and drive home with the wind in your face!


  1. oh i love these photos!!! there are a lot of things i recognize that cambodians also use, like cassava. i'm a bit jealous of your bean selection (which sounds funny) - they don't sell those kinds in the market here! love seeing what life is like for you!

  2. Such fabulous photos! I hope all is going well for you! I hope you are still feeling optimistic. :) We just started homeschooling this week. Even with Iris in preschool 2 mornings a week and Tia in half-day kindergarten, it's still pretty intense. I hope we fall into our rhythm soon!


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