project life 2014 {week 31}

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

hello, project life! i started 2014 with grand intentions of weekly project life pages (and posts). three weeks into the year, two days before our move to rwanda, our laptop's hard drive died. ouch! project life became a distant dream. by the time we got the replacement part sent to us in rwanda (in april sometime), i had lost all my motivation. 

after seeing some very inspiring project life layouts lately (by kelseycaylee and rachel), i decided to throw myself back into it, even though it's already august. this post by caylee also gave me the push to just get it done.

WEEK OF: 28th july - 3rd august, week 31.
WHAT HAPPENED: isabel scratched lucy's eyeball and she had to wear a pirate patch, we were without water for three days, we got new lounge room furniture (yay!), and we walked an hour each way to get to church (talk about identifying with the locals!).
SPECIAL TECHNIQUES: i added my own handwriting (something i've been wanting to do forever) by using the bamboo paper app on my ipad. my biggest hesitation with digital was that my albums were missing my handwriting, but not anymore!
SUPPLIES USED: my own template, "week of" card - paislee press pictures and words no 9, calendar card freebie by, tracy larsen's week in review card, striped card freebie by bigcityquiet, spotty filler card from midnight edition, "this week" own handwriting. 

i look forward to sharing my project life pages on a more regular basis with you!

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