project life 2014 {week 32}

Thursday, 28 August 2014

WEEK OF: 4th - 10th august, week 32
WHAT HAPPENED: isabel's fifth birthday! we celebrated with cake and guests, and our newest tradition, a giant confetti bomb. we made a wedding cake (a very simple cake), had a game night (yay!), and lucy got sick :( at least now we know our local clinic, and we were surprised to discover that all the staff (doctors, nurse and lab person) speak english. fantastic!
SPECIAL TECHNIQUES: i "painted" a flower card in photoshop to give it a watercolour look.
SUPPLIES USED: my own template, "week of" card - paislee press pictures and words no. 9, midnight edition, polka dot party mini kit, this week - own card

so far, my 2014 catch up has been very slow. i have at least decided which photos i want to use for most of the year, which is always the most challenging part for me. anyone else working on project life?

project life is a memory keeping system designed by becky higgins. it's the primary memory keeping system i use, and you can see more of my project life pages here. find out more about project life here.

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