a bouquet of baby geraniums

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

this spring, three really good friends of mine gave birth to beautiful baby girls. i really wanted to make each of them a handmade gift, something both beautiful and original. for all three of my friends, their baby girl follows a big brother (or two, or three!), so i wanted to make some little dresses that were sweet and feminine. enter the geranium dress pattern. going all the way down to 0-3 months, this is a perfect pattern for new baby girl dresses. small, sweet, and well constructed. i pulled out three different fabrics and sewed up these sweet little dresses in a couple of days.
surprisingly enough, i've been a bit scared of trying buttonholes. after all, i spend a lot of time and energy constructing a beautiful little dress, and i don't want to ruin it with dodgy buttonholes! this time, however, i just needed to give it a shot. i tested it out (on a fabric scrap) and couldn't believe how easy it was! just look at those beautiful buttonholes!
here in rwanda, the selection of fabrics is limited to an amazing array of african wax prints (and their cheap chinese counterfeits), a very small collection of solid colours, and school uniform fabrics. buttons are also limited to school uniform buttons, but these fortunately go with any kind of fabric, so it's a bit of a winning situation there.
i wasn't sure how my friends would respond to the bold prints and strong colours of these three african print fabrics, so i chose some that mimic the fantastic design of classic danish children's brands (which i know my friends love).
we were really lucky that we managed to get back to denmark this summer for my sister in law's wedding, so i could give each of these gifts in person. i'm happy to say that each of my friends loved their handmade baby gifts, and the strong prints were a hit!
i've now got a couple more friends that have just given birth to sweet baby girls. the pattern is set. the only decision now is which amazing fabric to sew them up in!

what do you think about african wax prints? does anyone have a good suggestion for baby BOY patterns??


  1. These fabrics are awesome and a fresh change from many usually used for baby clothes. And for BOY patterns, my go-to is always the quick change trousers (Anna Maria Horner). And I had fun with the Huck Finn hat from Sew Liberated.

  2. Wow, these dresses are stunning! I love the prints! And what a coincidence - three baby girls, all after brothers! That makes this gift extra special, I think! :)

  3. These Fabric are so beautiful. i love this. congrats to the designer for his creative work.


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