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Monday, 29 September 2014

Around here, we have started our new school year. We celebrated the first day of school with pancakes for breakfast, new school supplies (dragged home with us from Denmark), and first day photos. We are using Oak Meadow this year, which is a natural, creative approach to learning, and it suits us to a T (with a couple of classic Fiona modifications, of course. I really can't help myself!)
Around here, we planted a vegetable garden. Christian spent days digging the insanely hard ground about 60 centimetres down (a technique called double digging, which we've learnt from our agricultural colleague). We took out the collection of seeds we've bought, been given, or taken from mature plants at our project's test garden, and let the kids loose. It was a great learning experience, and we can now see the beginnings of our vegetables poking their heads through the surface of the ground.
Around here, we've been baking like it's our job. Baked doughnuts, carrot cake, lots of bread, hamburger buns, cinnamon rolls, crackers (knækbrød...nom nom!), and coconut macaroons have made their way from the oven to the table. After a long period of no baking, it feels good to get into the kitchen and create something delicious with the kids.
Around here, Lucy finally gave up her dummy/sut/pacifier. We celebrated her transition from babyhood to childhood with chocolate cake, which she and Christian made together, reading from the book, "Farvel, Sut" (Goodbye, Dummy), and hanging her dummies on our very own dummy tree (a fun Danish tradition). She can look at them every day, but only cried and asked for them the first night. after that, we told her they were dirty, and she's been fine.
Around here, the rainy season has apparently started. We're not really sure what that means. We had a week of very heavy rain daily, followed by three hot and dry weeks. Apparently the rain will come later, which will be good for our plants.
Around here, we are celebrating that we have been granted a building permit for our development project. After seven months of applying, waiting, visiting different offices, finding more paperwork, and starting the process again, we are so thankful that we now have a green light to build. Christian is just itching to get back to his first love, building (even though pigs, cows and agriculture has been very educational) and has a fun "new" toy to help him make straight foundations, a rarity around here (our floors slope so much, that when you wash them, the water runs from one end of the house to the other). The first stage of building is a clinic and multi-purpose room, which we already have lots of plans for. 
Around here, there have days where I feel like it would have been better staying in bed. The car's timing belt broke (again!), Christian broke the kitchen tap off (who knew that was possible?), the kids complain, the water runs out, the electricity switches off in the middle of making dinner, the internet is too weak to load anything, people ask for more and more and more (being content and satisfied is a universal struggle), and we get corrected in church for singing the hymn wrong. At these moments, when I just want to crawl into bed and cover my head, I remember to turn to the One who called me here, and to cast my burdens on Him. 

What's been happening with you lately?

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