moments {a weekly collection}

Monday, 1 September 2014

a collection of small, everyday moments from our week.

- lots of rain means hanging clothes to dry under the verandah
- super ninja, lucy
- isabel and i got busy in the kitchen, making coconut macaroons, a family favourite
- want one? (they got eaten very quickly!)
- relaxing saturday afternoon, playing games
- welcoming friends home after a four month furlough in canada with homemade carrot cake. yum!
- our front yard quickly became a muddy mess when it started raining. i think the rainy season has begun!
- nothing better than jumping in muddy puddles


  1. It looks like a wonderful week Fiona, and I just love your kitchen table!

  2. Great view into your daily life! Thanks for sharing so we can keep better track of what you are all up to so far away! Miss you guys muchly xoxo

  3. love your new blog look! BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    that rain looks so nice, we are in a stage 2 drought round these parts. : (


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