project life 2014 {week 33}

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

WEEK OF: 11th - 17th august, week 33
WHAT HAPPENED: we started up our new school year. we made pancakes for breakfast and took first day of school photos. although alexander is the only one who is officially doing school, we naturally took a photo of all three of them. i also made baked doughnuts again, and they were so delicious!
SPECIAL TECHNIQUES: i got the kids to write their names on the ipad (using the bamboo paper app), emailed them to myself, and added them to their first day photo. not quite like the real thing, they are at least a good way to include those kind of special memories digitally. i also recoloured the striped card by rachel of big city quiet to inject a bit more colour into the spread.
SUPPLIES USED: my own photo templates, "week of" card - paislee press pictures and words no. 9striped filler card by bigcityquiet, brownie photo by design editor, "enjoy the little things" found on pinterest, "this week" - own card.

project life is a memory keeping system designed by becky higgins. it's the primary memory keeping system i use, and you can see more of my project life pages here.

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