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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Just before we left for our summer holiday in Denmark, I decided to sew up a dress for Isabel, using this lovely leaf print fabric. I used a pattern I've used a few times before, so I knew it would be a good fit on Isabel. I sat sewing the night before we left (as you do), taking extra time and care to use french seams for a neat and tidy finish. I finished late, hung the dress where Isabel would see it, and stumbled off to bed. 
The next morning, Isabel and I were both excited to try the dress on her. I pulled it over her head, and it got stuck. No matter how I tried to pull it down, it wasn't going to go over her head. It's supposed to slip over her head! I started hyperventilating. We were leaving in just a few hours! I sat down and started looking at how I could adjust the dress. There were two decorative buttons on the back. I figured out that I could use the extra fabric in the fold to make an opening in the back of the dress.
I unpicked and resewed the back piece. Not perfect, but pretty good, and now it could fit over her head. And just in time, too. Isabel put the dress on, we loaded the car, and started the 3 hour drive to Kigali. 
We stopped at a restaurant with a playground (woo hoo! Such a rarity here), and I got a couple of shots of Isabel in her dress. She stood very patiently while I took the photos, then ran off to play on the playground again. 
Late night sewing is never a good idea. Those french seams must have used up more than the original seam allowance, because the fit across her chest is quite snug. Still, the blue looks great on her, and she really loves the dress.
Here's a little action shot of Isabel in her new dress, in the streets of Kigali. How fun are that guy's pants?

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