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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

it's kcw (kids clothes week) again! this week i'll be sewing up a storm (whenever the electricity co-operates with me!) and getting some new clothes onto the kids' shelves. this season the theme for kcw is "storybook". when i first heard the theme, i didn't think i'd participate. after all, i have limited access to fabrics that aren't wax prints, which made me think it would be impossible to make something from a storybook. but after some inspiration from the kcw blog, i started thinking a little more creatively. i looked through some classic children's books and got some ideas. 
i decided to make something based on this sweet dress i saw in curious george. not only is curious george a classic, well loved children's character, but he is very loved in our house (known by his danish name, peter pedal).
at market, looking for fabrics, i saw this bright yellow fabric, and immediately thought of curious george. on closer inspection, i could see the paper boats on the fabric, and thought of the story, curious george rides a bike (or peter pedal in danish), where george makes the newspapers into paper boats. the perfect curious george fabric! 
lucy was the perfect choice for a curious george dress, as she happens to be a very curious george type child...inquisitive, always up to mischeif, but so sweet and charming that you can't ever be upset for long.
i made the dress using one of my favourite patterns, stof og stil 63011. the only problem is that i only have the pattern in a size 6. as lucy is, at best, a size 2-3, i had to make some adjustments. it's a little big, but i'd rather too big than too small. 
lucy was so excited about her new dress, that she kept running in to see if it was done, and cried when i asked her to try it on and wanted to take it off again. i think she likes having a "curious george" dress.
she said, "when i have my peter pedal dress, then i can pretend i'm a monkey and do all the things peter pedal does." The funny thing is that she already does.
is anyone else out there sewing along in kcw this season? link up to your projects in the comments below! i'd love to see what you're up to.


  1. I love this! I happen to be sewing something in a faux wax print (it looks like wax print but isn't African). And I also happen to have read this story to some kids at school just the other day! Isn't it a great one.

  2. Have to leave a comment, even if I'm not sewing anything :-) So cute! Love how you made a little hairband for her as well to match the dress! Love to see how you have developed such great skills at wipping up great clothes for the kiddos! Hugs, Marianne xoxo

  3. This is so awesome, Fiona! How creative! And Lucy looks so much like you in these photos!


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