kcw - papa piccolo dress

Monday, 27 October 2014

when i read that the theme for kcw was storybook, i knew i needed to include papa piccolo. right now, it's isabel's favourite book, and for good reason. it's all about cats. papa piccolo is a tomcat in venice, italy, who finds and later adopts two orphaned kittens. the story appeals to isabel's compassionate heart, and the beautiful watercolour illustrations appeal to us all.
i knew immediately that i wanted to make the caroline party dress, a pattern i bought some time ago, but was too afraid to try because of the invisible zipper. the simple, classic lines remind me of stylish european clothing, and seemed a perfect fit for the italian cat. at first i tried to find some black and white fabric, or just black. i scoured the market, but i couldn't find anything, and i was starting to get despondant when i spotted this gorgeous rich purple and gold fabric. the book is full of rich and contrasting colours, so it seemed to be a great fit. i decided to add some kitten pockets on the front, for papa piccolo's two little kittens. 
isabel, of course, loves her kitten pockets. 
even though i was a bit scared of putting in an invisible zipper, it went very well. i had to unpick it and redo it about 4 times, but i'd rather take my time and get it right than regret not doing so every time i look at the dress. the instructions were great, so if you're worried about putting in a zipper, it's a great pattern.
ta da! everything lines up!
even though this dress took me the rest of the week to finish, and i limped across the finish line of kcw last night, exhausted, i am really happy with this dress. it's the most beautiful creation of mine to date.
most importantly, i've got a very happy cat loving girl. that's it for kcw...this time!


  1. gorgeous dress with such cute cat pockets!

  2. Wow, that is really beautiful, Fiona. Well done! I wish I could sew, but I think I will stick with the knitting and crocheting :-D


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