Monday, 6 October 2014

 This weekend was just the right tempo.

Lazy mornings, slow days, and afternoon naps.

Saturday it rained all day. Hard. 

The water seeped in through the windows, and I dashed around the house with small cloths, 
laying them under the windows to stop the flow.

The girls and I watched a movie together, but all we could hear was the sound of the rain, 
pounding on the tin roof. 

We had guests over for dinner, and everything felt so normal again.

Friends, food, laughter.

Sunday we woke up feeling under the weather, and took turns sleeping.

I managed to get behind the sewing machine and mend some things. 

Alexander was playing outside the fence and found a puppy, his legs tangled in twine.
He brought him home.

The kids have fallen in love. His name is Nick. 
They give him cuddles and fill his bowl with milk.

Perhaps we'll find a home for him.

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