celebrating beginnings

Sunday, 23 November 2014

after months of waiting, we were finally granted a building permit for the health centre at mutara development centre. a month ago, christian and his team measured out and dug the foundations. last week they started building the walls. and on wednesday, we celebrated.
one of our colleagues had the idea of celebrating the beginning. celebrating the foundations of the very first building being laid. we set to work making it happen. we invited the local leaders and pastors from the area, our leaders in kigali, and colleagues from kigali to come and celebrate with us. together with the building team there were about 60 people gathered to celebrate God's faithfulness and in seeing the first building of hopefully several that will be used to serve and bless the local community.
with no other structure to hold the celebration in, christian devised a plan to make a tarpaulin covering to keep off the sun and possible light rain. in the event of heavy rain, it simply wouldn't hold. the weather report looked promising, but there was a chance of rain in the late afternoon. in good faith we started the celebration, sharing the vision of mutara development centre and celebrating what has already been accomplished.
however, in the middle of the speeches, the rain began. lightly at first, it soon came down hard and heavy. the tarpaulin covering was no match for it, and soon everyone was gathered under umbrellas and trying not to get soaked. before long, the dirt ground was transformed into mud and puddles. lucy's favourite! i saw the look in her eye, and knew she was going in. i had time to get her to take off her sandals, and then there was no holding her back. in she went! isabel wanted to join in the fun, and as we served lunch for our guests under umbrellas, the two girls ran around in the rain, jumping in the muddy puddles.
it was so encouraging to celebrate the beginning and to have so many people come and support what we're hoping to establish here in mutara, rwanda. christian made a short video showing the process of the building so far, so go ahead and take a look!
mutara development centre is part of ywam rwanda, and is the project we are working with here in rwanda. we are working to get a mdc website up and running soon.

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  1. Great to hear about the developments. Wonderful pictures of Lucy in the mud :-)


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