currently {march 2015}

Monday, 16 March 2015

...adjusting to a new student in our little homeschool (Isabel) and to co-ordinating two different programs. let's just say it requires some overview and organisational skills that aren't my strength.

...waiting for rain. the rainy season is due to start any day, and the ground is hard and dry. we haven't planted our little veggie patch yet, as the ground is like concrete, but we will after the first rains come and soften the ground a little.

...planning for next month's kcw (kids clothes week). the theme is wild things. i think i'll need to order fabric for this one.

...dusting off the sewing machine after a three month break and trying to remember how to sew.

...looking forward to chicken on the menu after receiving a rooster as a gift last week. a live one. that's going to be an experience!

...working on project life pages. i am already so behind this year, and i seem to have lost my groove. i'm hoping to get that back, as the "family books" are still the favourites around here. so many stories to be told.

...reading "peaceful parent, happy kids" and trying to change my approach.

...watching episodes of call the midwife, season 2. the best christmas present!

...chatting with my sisters in law after discovering what's app actually works here in the internet black hole. it's life changing.

...laughing at lucy's crazy three year old antics.

...playing blind man's bluff (blindebuk), camel cup and angry birds uno with the kids...on repeat!

what are you currently up to?

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  1. i haven't been by your blog in a while, and i LOVE your new design! easy way to let your gorgeous sewing creation photos shine :)


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