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Friday, 13 March 2015

a little reminder...
last year, i chose a word to be my focus for the year. intentional. it sounded so good when i chose it, and i'd signed up for ali edwards' one little word class with great "intentions" of having a wonderfully focused and organised life. only, i was forgetting a very important factor. i am not a very focused or organised type of person. i am not a goal setting kind of person. i am a very fluid, go with the flow, we'll figure it out as we go along person. when all my friends were making new year's resolutions, i was figuring the most important thing i could do that year was to have fun. and you know, i was never disappointed at the end of the year.

as i've grown up and become older, i figured i should also start setting some goals for myself. i would read other blogs, fantastic goal setters, with all kinds of wonderful tips on how to make and achieve your goals. excellent stuff, really. only, i could never make it work for myself, and i'd invariably end up disappointed with myself.

by the end of the year, i had decided that this one little word business wasn't really for me. one day, i was feeling frustrated with myself over the lack of stories i have recorded. my family have always been wonderful story tellers, and there are never a lack of new (or sometimes old favourites) stories when we are gathered. i had stopped telling stories along the path of my life, and they were filling my head. that's when i realised that this was my word. story. i had just been choosing the wrong kind of words for myself.

this year, my focus word, my "one little word" is story. i have so many stories waiting to be told. i have a life full of stories, if only i will stop to recognise them. they beg to be shared, in one way or another. my desire for this year is to actively share my stories, to cultivate the art of storytelling in my life. and my hope is that by the end of the year, we will have many more of our family stories recorded.

i know it's customary to do these kind of posts first up in the new year, but i've never really been the type to follow conventional paths. even though it's already (mid) march, and i'm tempted to scrap the whole thing, i've given myself a little reminder.

just start.

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  1. Just the right word for you! And know that you are great just the way you are. Us "sorted" people need someone In our lives to keep us real and present and to help us laugh and share stories! Thanks for being that person in my life. Hugs xoxo


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