Welcoming the rain

Monday, 23 March 2015

Today we welcomed the rain. It has been hot and dry the last few weeks as the dry season winds down. Water has been scarce, and some enthusiastic people planted their little patch of ground weeks ago in anticipation of the rain. 

They have been waiting, and today the rains arrived. They announced their arrival with a huge black cloud and strong winds. We brought in the still wet clothes from the clothesline and hung them wherever we could find space. 

Christian came in just as the first drops started. The kids stopped painting and listening to the story I was reading and rushed to the windows to watch small rivers of water form outside. The rain came down hard and heavy, and splashed through the windows, forming pools on the floor. We ran to get some towels and sat in silence, conversation nearly impossible over the deafening roar of water on the tin roof.

And just as suddenly as they had arrived, the rains quieted into a gentle whisper. The kids got their rain clothes and gumboots on and went out to jump in the puddles and play beavers, building a dam with the off cuts of wood left lying around after Christian's last project. I drank coffee and enjoyed the brief moments of silence before I knew they'd come tumbling back in, cold and muddy and needing a bath.

This is how you'll find us the next few weeks, in our white house on muddy hillside, living and working around the downpours of the Rwandan rainy season. 

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  1. lovely! we walked outside this morning in the pre-dawn dark to unexpected rain. back in quick for coats and covers! the rain is such a joy.


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