rounding off our homeschool year

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

 on friday, we had our last day of school. it really felt like quite the achievement for all of us, rounding off our first full homeschool year, and with the inclusion of isabel into our formal schooling this year. to celebrate, i made pancakes for breakfast and we spent the day doing fun activity sheets (revision activities). it seemed like the very best way to end the year's formal learning.

we also had a party to celebrate (of course!). 

a few weeks ago, we were talking about how we wanted to end our school year (you know, so we had something to look forward to, to help us get through those last few weeks!). i suggested to alexander, who was struggling to maintain motivation with his recorder playing, that we hold a little concert and party for our friends. he really liked the idea, and chose two songs to practise for the concert (one easy and one more challenging). at the same time, i suggested to the girls that we sing some of the songs we've been learning. at first they were hesitant, but when alexander said he'd join in, they were quite happy. we spent the last couple of weeks practising most days, so we'd be ready.

when friday afternoon came, they changed into their nicest clothes, the outfits they wore last summer at their aunt's wedding. they stood calmly and proudly in front of the people they know best in rwanda (all our colleagues), and sang the five songs we'd practised, complete with the occasional action. when they were finished, it was alexander's turn.

i was initially hesitant to suggest that alexander perform, as i didn't want to put too much pressure on him, but it turned out to be just the right amount of pressure. he chose to play "mary had a little lamb" (with three notes) and "wee son jon" (with five notes). he practised 10 times a day (each piece) for the last two weeks leading up to the performance, and it was such a delight to hear him play confidently and almost flawlessly on the day of the performance.

after their performances, it was time to celebrate!

we made carrot cake muffins and put a single (tiny) strawberry from our garden on each one. they were really yummy, even without the usual cream cheese frosting. we also made some banana bread, drizzled with chocolate icing. 

if there's one recipe that's great to have in rwanda, it's banana bread! 

it was a really great way to round off the year! 
these three were so proud of themselves, and we were too.

they learnt that they could do things they didn't think they could. that they were able to remember what to do, and perform in front of others, even though they were scared.

they learnt that it's fun and important to celebrate the small things in life, 
and that making things beautiful only enhances the joy.

and i learnt that pushing your kids to practise and perform is sometimes the very best thing.

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  1. so awesome, Fiona! what a great recap! congratulations on a year well done!


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