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Monday, 22 June 2015

today marks the official start of our summer holidays. we rounded off our school year on friday with a party and concert for our friends (more on that later), and are now basking in the delightful knowledge that we have a good, long seven week break before we get back into the school again. 

on saturday night we lit up some charcoal and got the barbeque going. although we don't really have seasons here (only rainy and dry seasons, which are pretty much the same, with the exception of how much and often it rains), there was such a relaxed, summer feel, and i really wanted to make sure we embrace these days as best we can. 

this morning i asked the kids to help me put together a summer list, a summer manifesto if you will. they had lots of great ideas and, after a reminder that we won't necessarily fulfill our entire list, we wrote it all down. our summer plans include a three week trip to denmark to hang out with family and friends, so naturally our list includes all of the awesomeness of summer in denmark too.

here's a closer look at what made its way onto our list:
  • go to the swimming pool
  • go camping in a caravan (we're going to sommercamp!)
  • toast marshmallows over a fire
  • go to the playground (there aren't any here in rwanda, so they are really excited about any kind of playground!)
  • read 3 books together - we have chosen Beezus and Ramona, The Borrowers, and Little House in the Big Woods (back ups are Charlotte's Web and re-reading The Boxcar Children)
  • eat strawberries and cream (in denmark, obviously)
  • eat hot dogs
  • build a lego city (like in the lego movie!)
  • ride bikes
  • play in the sandpit
  • have a tea party with the dollies
  • barbeque
  • eat gammeldagsis (awesome big ice creams with marshmallow topping)
  • sleep in a tent in the backyard
  • go to the beach
  • walk on the walking street (and buy stuff!)
  • feed the ducks at bryggen (in our old home town)
  • go on a date
  • play boardgames (or card games) together
  • make snobrød (bread on a stick) and pølse (sausages) over a fire
  • visit a museum (that one's for me)
  • build a cubby house
  • watch movies
  • have a dance party
  • complete a photo project (note the word complete!)
  • go to legoland
  • spend time with family and friends
  • read outside
  • go to mcdonalds (kids' request)
  • get creative together - sew, paint, bake, make
  • trip to copenhagen (to get my passport renewed)
  • start a sewing project with alexander
  • play outside
  • try some new baking recipes
  • go to the movies
  • walk in the forest 
  • read a book (that one's for me too)
  • make ice cream

after making the list this morning, the unanimous decision was to build a cubby house. we grabbed a couple of large sheets and hung them up on the clotheslines, using rocks to hold them in place. simple and easy! it kept the kids entertained for a while, and the neighbours too, who aren't used to seeing children play (or adults enabling it!).

what are you looking forward to this summer? 
(you can see our previous summer lists for 2012 and 2013)

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