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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Last week, I sewed something.

Quite revolutionary, of course.

My sewing machine broke down in April, and I have been mourning its' loss since then. Imagine loud wailing, and you'll get the picture.

Until now. In July we went back to Denmark to visit, and had the chance to stock up on life essentials to bring back with us. Which, naturally, included a new sewing machine. A lovely second hand Husqvarna, no bells and whistles, just a simple, solid machine. Perfect.

Only, when I came to use it, I simply couldn't. It's like I was paralyzed by anxiety. What should I sew, now that I have a machine? Which fabric should I use? Looking around for inspiration was no use. Everyone I looked at is using the cutest, sweetest, latest offerings from big name fabric companies. Certainly not the loud, colourful kitenge fabric that inhabits my world.

And then I saw it. The inspiration I was looking for, in the form of the sweetest pattern. The butterfly dress by Sew What Club (have you heard of it? It's a monthly pattern membership). They were offering it as a free pattern when you sign up for the newsletter. As I'd already been contemplating signing up for a membership to the club, it seemed like a good place start.

Sweet, simple, and fast.

Lucy had been asking for a dress from this "turtle" fabric I picked up at the market the week we moved to Rwanda (a year and a half ago), so it seemed like a good idea to pair the two together.

It was quite a creative hurdle to get started sewing, but I did it. I started, and worked on it over two afternoons, taking my time to get the feel for sewing again (and my "new" machine), and to get the dress right.

"Hey, there's a pocket in here!"

And the result is simply adorable! Lucy loves it, and I do too.

It feels good to be sewing again, to take an idea and some fabric, and turn it into something useable. My hands are happy, and so is my heart!

"For you, mama!"

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