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Thursday, 20 August 2015

week in the life is a detailed look into an ordinary week right now, through pictures and words. inspired by ali edwards. you can see my other posts from 
this week here and all previous posts here.

This week I will be joining in Ali Edwards' week long memory keeping project, Week in the Life. I've been participating in this project every year since 2008. This year I'm determined to get these photos and stories into a completed album (unlike previous years) so that we can actually enjoy looking at them. This week I'll be sharing some of my photos and the stories behind them.


{5:30am} Isabel comes into our room (as she's been doing lately) and creeps quietly into Christian's side of the bed. We all doze a little longer, until Isabel decides it's time to wake up, tossing herself onto Christian and yelling, "Cannonball!"

{6:25am} I hear Lucy calling, "Mama!" and go into her. She's hiding under her quilt, so I pretend I can't find her. I hear someone at the gate, and see that it's our colleague Amiss outside. I call out to Christian and go into my room to throw some clothes on. When I come out again, Lucy is waiting for me with her mask on.

One of my favourite parts of the morning is opening these thick curtains and letting the early morning light stream in. 

She's gotten so good at getting herself ready in the mornings. She is totally a routine girl, just like her Dad.

This morning there was power and water, so I got to have a (mostly) hot shower. I'm feeling thankful, as the power has been worse than usual the last couple of weeks. 

{7:00am} Making the bed in the mornings has been my job since we got married. Christian doesn't care about it, but I love the bed to be neat and tidy. The mosquito net is still on backwards from after the last time it was washed, but we have gotten used to it now and it doesn't bother us.

Breakfast is the same thing every weekday morning: weetabix with a splash of milk, vanilla yoghurt and fresh fruit. Mango and passionfruit. Luckily for us, there are only a few weeks a year where mango is not in season. 

{8:15am} Jackie, our house help has arrived and starts sweeping outside. At the tail end of the dry season, everything is very dry and dusty. The dust makes me sneeze and cough, and the house is full of it by the end of every day. I'm ready for the rainy season to start, even though I know it means mud, mosquitoes, and lots of fire ants. 

{8:30am} We start our school day with circle time. Isabel and Lucy have already been fighting this morning and are grumpy with each other. I make sure to have lots of action songs.

We spend our mornings doing school work at the dining table. Isabel has started to fall into the school rhythm and has miraculously stopped fighting me over needing to do some school work. Lucy is desperate to join in, and has already accepted that her work doesn't involve a book. We're only second week in of our homeschool year, so I'm really thankful they've accepted it already.

Monday is washing day, and I'm really thankful that we have Jackie to help with so many of the household chores, which are so much more time consuming in Rwanda. Even so, most days I'd be happier with a washing machine and a dishwasher.

The school work is over and there's some time to play before lunch. I built a little cubby/fort behind the couch and the kids are drawn to it. It's so nice to see them playing together nicely. There's been quite a lot of arguing here lately. 


{12:30pm} As usual, Lucy is the last one to finish eating lunch. She's always so busy, and inevitably runs from the table before she's done eating. We have to call her back, time and time again, to make sure she finishes eating, so she won't ask for something to eat in half an hour.

{1:00pm} There's a mandatory quiet play period after lunch. Right now, Alexander is into these little soldiers he got for his birthday.

{4:00pm} The heat of the day has worn off a bit, so I send the kids outside to play in the sandpit. I let them come back in before too long as all the dust + sand has them coughing like crazy.

I manage to finish sewing a dress for Lucy, which she's very excited about. I am too, as it's the first thing I've made since last October. I feel like I've jumped a mental and creative hurdle, and it feels good. I'm already starting to plan what I'm going to make next.


{6:45pm} Christian and Alexander have made a deal. Alexander reads to Christian, then Christian reads a chapter of their latest book, Rod & Co 3. Alexander really likes it, but the girls don't seem to catch it, so it's something special for the boys to do on their own.

{7:30pm} The kids are in bed, and Lucy has already been out twice. We settle down to watch a TV series on the laptop. We recently acquired season 4 + 5 of Downton Abbey (yeah, we're a bit behind, but we do live in Africa you know!) so we've been watching through the first 3 seasons again to remember what happened before starting them. We watch 2 episodes of season 3 before heading to bed at 10pm.

That was our Monday, minus a lot of photos and details! I'll be sharing each day this week (if the power/internet co-operates). I'll be back later with Tuesday. For more Monday inspiration head over to Ali Edwards.

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