week in the life 2015 - sunday

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

 week in the life is a detailed look into an ordinary week right now, through pictures and words. inspired by ali edwards. you can see my other posts from 
this week here and all previous posts here

Sundays are for sleeping late and peeking into their room on the way past the door.

Sundays are for playing in your pyjamas with all the barbies, all by yourself.

Sundays are for filling the ant farm with dirt.

Sundays are for finding ants....with the usual audience.

Sundays are for watching the ants.

Sundays are for unusual family portraits.

Sundays are for coffee and chocolate biscuits my cousin sent from Australia.

Sundays are for relaxing, each in our own way.

Sundays are for barbies.

Sundays are for Lego.

Sundays are for creating.

Sundays are for projects.

Sundays are for catching up on the news.

Sundays are for relaxing alone, together.

Sundays are for playing games.

Sundays are for simple boiled egg lunches.

Sundays are for reading and playing and being together.

Sundays are for devotions.

Sundays are for climbing and singing as loudly as you can.

Sundays are for family movies (Smurfs 2, in case you're wondering).

Sundays are for making something different for dinner.

Sundays are for pancakes.

Sundays are for planning the school week ahead.

Sundays are for prepping the chalkboard the night before.

Sundays are for relaxing together in the evening with a cup of chai tea.

What a week! It's been an intense week of photo taking, memory recording and blogging, but, as always, it's so worth it. Seeing the mundane moments of our lives through the camera lens has been pretty amazing, and has helped me to see and appreciate what we have. As the week rolled on, I got inspiration from Ali for trying new angles with my photography and trying to see if the photo tells the story. The prompts for each day were also inspired by her. If you've never tried a project like this, I encourage you to give it a go, for a whole week or just a full day. Being able to look back on the little details of our days, at this moment in time, is so precious. I'm so thankful for this project!


  1. i like your sunday ! so sweet!!
    so far from me

  2. So interesting.
    Thank you for sharing Fiona!

  3. me again, sorry...I was admiring your PL pages.
    Are you still doing it?
    I've been a PLer for years. It takes a long time but it is so rewarding in so many levels!
    Thank You~

    1. hi alexandra. thanks for your kind comment. as to your question, i'm sort of still doing PL, in that i take the pictures and record data, and occasionally put together a spread.

      but i stopped blogging about it a while ago, and eventually stopped making the pages on a regular basis. i really want to get back into it fully, and week in the life has helped me to get inspired to do it again. i've been thinking of blogging about it again, which helps me to stay accountable and get it done.

      the kids really love looking through the photobooks, so i have plenty of reason to get back into it!

      thanks for stopping by :)


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