week in the life 2015 - thursday

Monday, 24 August 2015

 week in the life is a detailed look into an ordinary week right now, through pictures and words. inspired by ali edwards. you can see my other posts from 
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I want to remember the way the morning light spills in through the living room window and catches in her hair. I want to remember the way she plays from the moment she wakes up until she falls asleep at night.


I want to remember the way they share this space. Playing, brushing teeth and getting dressed in the mornings happens around each other in this space.

I want to remember that it's our last morning of needing this cough medicine. Alexander and Isabel can finally function without coughing every couple of minutes. 

I want to remember getting the shopping list and money ready for Jackie every Thursday morning. I'm proud that I can now write the list in Kinyarwandan.

I want to remember Jackie finally agreeing to take a moto into town to go to market. It's so much faster than the bus and she's not as tired when she comes back anymore.

"Der sad tre katte på et bord, kritte-vitte-vit bom bom!"

I want to remember what an awesome job Christian is doing at homeschooling. He was really nervous to take over 2 days a week, but he's a complete natural and the kids love it when he's the teacher. 

I want to remember how excited they were to go up to the project, and to visit and hold the piglets.

I want to remember how wonderful it is to have both water and power at the same time, so that it's possible to have a shower, and how much that unfinished ceiling used to bother me, but now I've gotten used to it.

I want to remember how awkward it was, having to answer the door in my towel when George came with the morning milk. I want to remember how Christian and I thought there mustn't be any more milk, since George hadn't come earlier in the day, and how thankful I was that it's totally ok here to answer the door in your towel (or walk around outside like that!), but that we were both a little embarrassed just the same. 

I want to remember the every day job of scraping the cream off yesterday's milk, so that we can make butter with it, and transferring the milk into a glass jug.

I want to remember the privilege of having time on my own to enjoy my coffee and sort through photos.

I want to remember how precise and meticulous she is at four years old, and how much she loves to get it right, taking extra time if needed.

I want to remember the wonderfully fresh fruit and vegetables we get here, and the necessity of washing them in bleach water before we can eat them, so we don't get sick.

I want to remember the three of them at the table, doing their school work together, and how the maths work was a bit overwhelming for Alexander, but after a 10 minute lego break, he answered without any difficulty.

I want to remember making tomato sauce from scratch.


I want to remember that two Hedex will kick my intense headaches every time.

I want to remember that spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese is a family favourite.

I want to remember that random toys come to visit me in my office when I'm working, and that I actually think it's nice.

I want to remember that eating leftover icecream on the day your daughter learns to spell "is" (icecream in Danish) with sprinkles is the best way to celebrate learning on a hot afternoon.

I want to remember meeting with our colleagues at the sewing school for prayer and the excitement of making plans to start here in September.

I want to remember that it's nice to come home.

I want to remember how good fresh passionfruit tastes.


I want to remember how much they enjoy having a bath in the bottom of the shower, and how much I appreciate their celebration of the simple things in life.

I want to remember how these two are best friends, and the way they like to be together.

I want to remember how much they enjoyed looking at previous years' week in the life posts on this blog, and how it gave me the determination to get this year's photos + words in a format we can enjoy more easily.

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