week in the life 2015 - tuesday

Thursday, 20 August 2015

week in the life is a detailed look into an ordinary week right now, through pictures and words. inspired by ali edwards. you can see my other posts from 
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{6:30} i wake up slowly, by myself. such a strange thing after so many years of being woken up by little people. i can hear christian outside, and someone riding a scooter. lucy calls out "mama" and i go into her, and play the hiding-under-the-quilt-game we played yesterday morning.

{7:00} they are so similar. they are usually the first ones up and like to get started with the day. they make breakfast for the rest of us. she loves to help him, no matter what he's doing.

{7:30} she just loves her new dress, and is completely co-operative when i ask if we can go outside the front gate and take a couple of pictures. i enjoy watching her play on the rocks until we see the milk coming (top picture) and go inside to get everything ready for it.

{8:30} it's christian's day to be the teacher. they walk up to the sewing school to sing happy birthday to peter (our colleague) and to say hi to the piglets at the project. on the way there they have to cross through a huge line of jerrycans waiting to be filled with water. everywhere we turn, we are reminded of how tough it is at the end of the dry season.

i drink my morning coffee in silence and start prep work done for the sewing initiative.

{9:30} i finally put away the clean clothes that have been sitting there all weekend.

{11:30} she is making bananas in a tomato/peanut sauce for lunch. it has taken us a year and a half to embrace eating rwandan food.

they have discovered some of their lego friends sets. they start building them, and have a great game going. a few minutes later they are screaming at each other and crying. time to step in and sort it out.


 {12:30} lunch is ready. there are mixed reactions to the banana dish, but everyone eats what they've been served.

{13:00} he has been playing with lego this afternoon. the robots have taken over all the vehicles and are getting ready to race.

{13:30} she is out of sorts because far (dad) took alexander out to the bush with him to get some bamboo, and she wasn't allowed to come along. she has a meltdown because i ask her and lucy to tidy up the lego, and she thinks lucy's not helping. it's hot and the power has been off for several hours, which means we can't even turn on the fan to relieve the heat. after tidying up, i put a movie on for them on the laptop. she chooses aristocats.

{15:30} they sit out on the verandah in the cool afternoon air and enjoy an afternoon snack. apples and biscuits (cookies).

{16:00} she wants to make something for peter's birthday. the power is still out, so we can't heat it, but she wants to do it anyway. the laptop and modem have now run out of battery, and i am so bored and frustrated i think i'm going to die from it. i lie in bed and stare out the window.

{17:00} they ride ahead on our way to peter's birthday party. the kids are just getting out of school for the day, and it makes our three nervous. the local kids usually follow them, laugh at them and try to take their bikes/scooters away from them. we are right behind them, so we reassure them that it will be alright.

he is always available if you happen to fall off your bike and scrape your knee.

{17:20} celebrations are so important, especially when we only have each other. he was so happy we came to celebrate his birthday. we were so happy that there was cake!


{18:15} he said we should leave before it got dark. i couldn't stop talking. we left at dusk with the usual crowd of kids following.

{19:45} he read a whole story for me, instead of stopping after two or three pages. i can see how much easier it is for him to read than it was half a year ago.

{20:00} she kisses me goodnight and likes to have the same goodnight ritual since she was 2 years old. she thrives on routine and structure, which is sometimes hard for me to provide. we are both doing our best and learning how to relate to each other.

{22:00} we head to bed at the same time every day. he likes routine, and i like the company. i don't have a bedside lamp, but i now have a bedside table, and these candles do the trick nicely (even when the power is out!). we talk about our day in bed, even if we've spent the whole evening together. as usual, he sleeps first, and i take time thinking about the day and processing it all before drifting off to sleep.


  1. Loved reading along to the documented details of your day. So different from mine, which makes it so interesting to read.

  2. Thanks for sharing such honest and touching insights to your everyday. Love reading along and makes you guys feel less far far away! Hugs Marianne xoxo


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