week in the life 2015 - wednesday

Friday, 21 August 2015

 week in the life is a detailed look into an ordinary week right now, through pictures and words. inspired by ali edwards. you can see my other posts from 
this week here and all previous posts here

Today I'm taking inspiration from Ali, and starting my journalling with either some days/most days.


Most days, they wake up first and get the breakfast ready together. They tease each other at the breakfast table and finish their food before the rest of us.

Most days, I do her hair. She asks to have it brushed and put up almost as soon as she is out of bed.
Lately, most days she wants pigtails. 

Some days they have a great game going and we prolong starting our school morning, choosing instead to allow them more time for play.

Some days, when Jackie makes bread dough, we take some and shape it into whatever we want. Then we bake it and eat it. 

Some days, she can't help teasing her little sister about her drawings. 
Some days, her little sister gets grumpy and won't talk to her.


Some days, we eat pumpkin soup for lunch. Everybody likes it, and there are no complaints.

Most days, her face is full of expression and she entertains us no end.

Most days they play together. Some days the game they started in the morning is the one they continue playing after lunch. 

Most days they enjoy painting. 
Some days I am organised enough to have craft ready before we need it. 

Some days they have biscuits (cookies) for afternoon tea. 

Most days these days they have an iceblock in the afternoon, when the heat is nearly unbearable.

Some days it works when we try to skype someone. Some days, but not today.


Most days he helps out in the kitchen. Most days we prepare the evening meal together.

Most days he sets the table for dinner without much reminding.

Most days we enjoy story/book time before bed. 
Some days the girls read with me, and some days they read with Christian.

Most days I brush her teeth before bed. 
Some days I agree to being a horse and giving her a piggyback ride to bed.

Some days she falls asleep without coming out to get a drink of water, 
or to tell about something she just remembered.

Some days we sit on different sides of the same room, doing our different projects in the evenings.

Most days, he is in bed before me and has time to catch up on the news while I'm getting ready.

That was our Wednesday. Usually, I take less photos on Wednesday than any other day, and that was also the case this time around. I also usually don't manage to share more days than up to Wednesday, but I plan to change that this time around! For more inspiration head to Ali's Wednesday.

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