moments {a weekly collection}

Monday, 12 October 2015

a collection of small, everyday moments from our week.

1. rounding off our school week, where we learnt about china, with our very own chinese restaurant. we all tried, and managed, to eat our meal with chopsticks. 
2. enjoying a bit of water play in the sandpit, after a heavy downpour.
3. these two love to play games, and you can usually find them here on the weekend. this time, it was lego star wars.
4. she really wanted to paint her cat, "sooty", and was so proud that her painting resembled her cat.
5. the teddies got a new car.
6. learning spilled over into play, and the imperial city and the great wall of china appeared in the garden (complete with tiger).
8. she made fruit salad for herself and her little sister. she served them both, being careful not to serve any pineapple to little sister (who doesn't like it). she was so proud of herself!
9. she couldn't wait to get outside and draw with chalk in the her pyjamas.
10. we spent a couple of mornings doing school work on our new patio area by the pool, and jumping in the pool in between subjects.
11. our hens are laying well. she loves to collect the eggs, putting them against her cheeks to find out if they're still warm.
12. I tidyed up the studio in anticipation of kid's clothes week next week, even organising all my sewing supplies so I can find what I'm looking for. after I finished I realised it's not until the next week again.....

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